De Formato Foetu (c. 1600), by Girolamo Fabrici


The embryological treatise De formato foetu (The Formed Fetus) was written by anatomist and embryologist Girolamo Fabrici [4]. There is no conclusive evidence regarding the first date of publication and what is listed on many copies ranges from 1600?1620, with speculation that the dates were altered by hand. Most forms of the book are dated 1600 and were issued by Franciscus Bolzetta who sold many copies in Venice and whose name appears on the engraved title-page. There is also verification of the book being printed in Padua by Laurentius Pasquatus in 1604. This treatise was the last publication to be issued before Fabrici retired from his teaching position at the Univeristy of Padua and it was the last anatomical work of his to be published during his lifetime. The book illustrates Fabrici?s views on the anatomy of the fetus [5] and uterus [6] and demonstrates his struggle between accepting traditional authority and relying on his own experience in his investigations in embryology [7].


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