M App I Ng Ch I Na Usi Ng Mod Is Da Ta : M Ethods, Software and Products


This paper p resents a softw are system , MOD ISoft , w hich can p rocessMOD IS 1B data autom atically to gener2 ate various p roducts covering the w hole China. Som e new algorithm s w ere p roposed to overcom e the shortcom ings of NASA MOD IS standard p roducts. The strength of the LA I retrieval m ethod is that it avoids using tw o incompatible m ethods in NASA LA I p roduct. The algorithm for estim ating both land surface ref lectance and aerosol op tical dep th is based on m utli2temporal observations and p roduces m ore accurate p roducts. The cloud m ask algorithm detects low clouds better. Som e of key inputs for these algorithm s are localized over China. This system also p roduces som e new p roducts that are not available in the standard NASA p roduct suite, including the forest burned scar and PAR. The data p rocessing system is operationally run in the N ational Scientif ic D ata Center for Resources and Environm ent, Chinese A cadem y of Sciences.


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