Congenital ptosis of the upper eyelid corrected by a modified frontalis suspension technique using autogenous tendons.


INTRODUCTION The treatment of choice for medium to severe blepharoptosis is frontalis suspension. The aim of this study is to describe a new modified surgical technique of frontalis suspension for congenital ptosis using an autogenous tendon. PATIENTS AND METHODS Frontalis sling with double parallelogram fixation using autogenous tendon was performed on 14 upper lids in 9 children. The clinical and cosmetic improvement was determined by the lid contour, lid height symmetry, and lid creases. Surgical results were compared 12 and 18 months after surgery. RESULTS All the patients presented normal opening of the eyes and correct shape of the eyelid with an improved palpebral fold. They manifested their satisfaction with surgery. The symmetry obtained in all cases was satisfactory. CONCLUSIONS This modified technique for frontalis suspension could be a good alternative to raise the ptotic upper eyelid. The use of an autogenous tendon has long-term results.


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